Express Yourselfie to win!

Do you know someone special who's bursting with funny expressions, like Gene from The Emoji Movie? Help your kids create a fun image and you could win some great prizes! Plus, you'll get a free download!

Top tip! To make your children's images even funnier, check out Cheestrings packs for mad moustaches, nutty noses and more!


Express Yourselfie to win!

Do you know someone special who's bursting with funny expressions, like Gene from The Emoji Movie? Help your kids create a fun image and you could win some great prizes! Plus, you'll get a free download!

Top tip! To make your children's images even funnier, check out Cheestrings packs for mad moustaches, nutty noses and more!

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Don’t want to upload a photo? Don’t worry! Just use the Express Yourselfie creator and you can enter to win.

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The story of Gene, an emoji that lives inside a texting app on a teenager’s smartphone. In Gene’s world, each emoji has only one expression, but Gene is different — he’s bursting with multiple expressions.

Gene is worried that if he can’t find a way to be “normal,” he’ll disappoint his family, or worse, be deleted. Determined to change his unusually expressive personality, Gene needs a “code” that will fix his programming and make him like everyone else.

With the help of his emoji friends, Gene’s search takes him on a fun-filled adventure across the teenager’s smartphone, from his home in a texting app through a succession of apps.

Along the way, Gene finds the “code” he needs – but he also learns being different from everyone else makes him special. In the end, Gene decides not to change to fit in but to express all his feelings without reservations and be true to himself… Find out more

Find the pairs of famous faces from THE EMOJI MOVIE and you can take a step up to the next level! But, be warned, you’ve got to do it before the time runs out…

Move left and right to catch the falling Emoji. But make sure it’s the right one or you’ll lose a life! Oh and there’s a time limit, too… We didn’t say it was easy!

Competition FAQs

How do I enter?

Just go to www.cheestrings.net/uk/emoji before 23:59 BST 30th November 2017 and upload an image of a fun expression. You can take a photo (there are some great props on THE EMOJI MOVIE Cheestrings packs that might help) or do a drawing if you prefer. Or you can use our Express Yourselfie creator to produce an image. When you have uploaded your image, enter your contact details. If you are under 16, you will need parental consent to enter. When you have uploaded successfully, you will be entered into the prize draw. You will also receive a free digital download per entry.

Who is the Promotion open to?

This Promotion is open to residents of the United Kingdom and ROI Entrants must be over 16. If you are under 16, a parent or guardian will need to enter on your behalf.

How will I know if I have won?

Winners will usually be contacted by email within one working day of the weekly period ending, but delays and Public Holidays may mean that in some weeks this is delayed slightly. Winners will then have 14 days to respond to the notification email and provide their delivery address. If we do not hear back from a winner within the 14-day limit, their prize may be reallocated to a reserve winner.

How are winners selected?

Winners will be selected through a random weekly prize draw throughout the promotion.

Do I have to purchase a Cheestrings product?

No, you do not need to purchase a Cheestrings or Scoffies product to enter this promotion.

Do I have to enter a photo or a drawing I have made?

No, not at all. Just use our Express Yourselfie creator and upload that image instead. Everyone stands an equal chance to win.

When does the promotion start and finish?

You can enter between 17th July 2017 and 30th November 2017.

How often can I enter?

One person can enter a maximum of three times per day during the promotional period, but you can enter on as many days as you like during the promotional period. A maximum of one prize can be received per person, per week.

What prizes are there?

You can win limited edition THE EMOJI MOVIE lunchboxes, stationery sets, eraser sets and lenticular stickers.

I’ve claimed my prize but it hasn’t arrived?

Prizes can take up to 28 days to arrive but get in touch with us here  if your prize hasn’t arrived after 28 days from getting your winner confirmation.

Who do I contact for more information?

For further information about this Promotion, please contact us here

What happens to the photo once I've entered?

Once an image is submitted, it is stored securely on our online database.  Images, once submitted, are not publicly available. All images will be deleted after the promotion has finished.

Will there be a gallery of uploaded images or winning images?

No. We value privacy of all entrants and, for that reason, will not be publishing any uploaded images without additional consent

How do I upload an image?

Simply hit the Upload button on the display and then browse for an image on your device.  If you are using a smartphone, you should be able to take a photo immediately, but it will depend on your smartphone make and model. File formats that will be accepted for upload are .JPG/.GIF/.PNG at a maximum file size of 10mb.

My image won't upload!

Make sure you are trying to upload a valid image file. Valid formats include jpg, png, and gif.

Make sure you have good reception or wifi connection.

Sometimes older phones or devices can take a little longer to load the image. High-resolution images take longer to upload as there is more data; try uploading an image with a lower resolution.

You may be using an outdated browser; try updating the browser on your device.

What happens if I can't download my free digital download?

Your device should automatically start downloading the PDF.  If the PDF opened in a browser window, save the page using your browser – this will initiate the download.  If you are having further issues please contact us here

What happens if I can't open my digital download?

All the downloads are in PDF format. You will need a PDF viewer for your device in order to open the downloads.

Are there any devices that will not upload a picture?

All modern devices should allow you to upload an image. As long as the browser on your device is up to date and there are no restrictions on your device regarding uploads, you should be able to upload an image.